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Toyota Forward Recognition Camera - Dynamic Calibration

Why does a late model Toyota forward camera need a dynamic calibration? If the position or orientation of the forward camera is changed due to it being replaced with a new one or the windshield glass sub-assembly being replaced or removed and installed, it is necessary to perform forward recognition camera optical axis learning process so the forward camera can learn the driving direction of the vehicle and its horizontal axis in order for each driving support system to operate correctly.


· Required Tool: Toyota Techstream

· Recommended Tool: Test Drive CoPilot™

Pre-Drive Setup

  • Tire pressure set to specs

  • Windshield glass clean

  • Vehicle stopped

  • Ignition switch off

  • Connect Techstream to DLC Port

  • Select following menus on Techstream: Chassis / Front Recognition Camera / Utility / Transition to Online Axis Alignment Mode and follow directions

  • For vehicles with height adjustment function, perform the adjustment at the standard vehicle height.

Dynamic Calibration (Learning) Driving Requirements

  • Drive outside during the day, on a sunny or cloudy day.

  • If there are vehicles in front of the vehicle being driven, stay behind them by at least at least 66 feet or 20 meters

  • Road should be straight, dry and smooth without incline or decline

  • Do not perform Dynamic Calibration (learning) if there is a possibility of the vehicle slipping sideways on icy or wet roads.

  • Steer the vehicle straight. DO NOT drift or wobble.

  • Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

  • Drive at a vehicle speed of 24 mph (40 km/h) or more.

Estimated Time Requirement: The total time required to complete the calibration (learning) is approximately 5 to 15 minutes. After adjustment is complete, turn the ignition switch off and then to ON again. After completion, clear vehicle control history.


  • When driving on a bumpy or unpaved road, making frequent accelerations and decelerations, etc., calibration (learning), may take a long time.

  • If the calibration (learning) does not complete within 30 minutes, perform the adjustment using target recognition.


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