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ADAS Repairs, Services, Calibrations and Liability

A vehicle’s ADAS systems directly affect its acceleration, braking and steering. If an ADAS equipped vehicle is not repaired or calibrated correctly, bad things can happen. This is why we strongly recommend that repairers, ADAS service and calibration provider document EVERY aspect of the repair/calibration process as if you were required to go to court tomorrow!

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Pearson Harden
Pearson Harden
Apr 14, 2023

The easiest way to sell a damaged car is to sell it to a junkyard. Many scrap merchants specialize in buying vehicles that are no longer roadworthy. They make their money not by repairing them but rather by breaking them down into their component parts and selling them piece by piece. The remaining shell is then compacted and sold as scrap metal. Always contact Junk Cars Boca Raton specialists because they arrive at your location and lift your damaged cars for recycling their valuable parts like metal bodies, batteries, tires, etc. Moreover, they never disappoint their clients regarding their job.

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