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Auto Techcelerators 2021 Accomplishments and 2022 Preview

Let us start by saying Thank You!

Thank You for being a customer. Thank You for your interest in our company and solutions and Thank You for your feedback that helped make us and our solutions better.

So, what were we able to accomplish in 2021? First, we survived! As you can imagine, launching a new company during a world-wide pandemic was HUGE risk. Not only did we survive……we grew revenues by more than 750% while designing and developing two (2) new ADAS and calibration service software and mobile app platforms!

During this last year our team designed and developed ADAS CoPilot™ Pro, (THEplace to go to access ADAS & Calibration information, knowledge and repair procedures) and Calibration CoPilot™, (The industry’s only end-to-end scheduling, management, documentation and invoicing solution specifically designed for ADAS service and calibration businesses).

We also continued to update our Test Drive CoPilot™, (The world’s best way to properly perform, manage and document post-repair/calibration test drives and dynamic calibrations).

So, what new/cool things did we design and/or deliver in 2021?

  • The industry’s first and only system that identifies ADAS systems, components, component locations and required calibrations by scanning a VIN barcode!

  • The industry’s first and only system that allows users to access ADAS and calibration information, knowledge and repair procedures anywhere at any time via a smart phone.

  • The industry’s first end-to-end ADAS service and calibration business management, documentation and automated invoicing system

  • An Open API that allows other companies to license our software and data to help them deliver unique solutions

  • A new solution named asBuiltAuto™ that will be released in 2022.

So, as we look forward to 2022 what can you expect from us?

  • ADAS CoPilot™ Pro Commercial Release (January 2022): This release will provide the automotive, collision and insurance industries the fastest and easiest way to identify ADAS systems, components, component locations and required calibrations by scanning a VIN barcode!

  • ADAS CoPilot™ Pro Integration with ALLDATA (January 2022): This release and integration will provide the industry THE place to go for ADAS and calibration knowledge, information and repair procedures!

  • New Calibration CoPilot™ Features (February 2022): This Calibration CoPilot™ version will add document sharing, quick account selection, invoice discount presentation, new sales tax options and more.

  • asBuiltAuto™ BETA Release (February 2022): asBuiltAuto™ is a new product we plan to release in Q2 or Q3 of 2022. The asBuiltAuto™ platform will deliver build data and build data equivalent information to automotive businesses (Repair, used car, salvage, others) and consumers to help them understand what equipment and options were installed on a vehicle when it was built and/or sold. asBuiltAuto™ will also provide MSRP and Invoice pricing, delivery charges as well as Used Vehicle pricing based on mileage, certifications and more…

  • OEM Build Data: Throughout 2022 we will continue to add more OEM manufacturer “build data” to all of our applications. We expect to have build data coverage for more than seventeen (17) manufacturers by the end of 2022.

  • 2022 ADAS and Calibration information, knowledge and repair procedures added to ADAS CoPilot™ Pro (TBD): We are continually working with ALLDATA on adding new repair procedures the ADAS CoPilot™ Pro platform. As soon as 2022 vehicle specific repair procedures become available in ALLDATA we will integrate them into ADAS CoPilot™ Pro.

  • Additional licensing of our technologies to other companies. The ADAS services and calibrations market will grow dramatically in 2022. Because of this and our Open API platform we are very excited about the opportunities to license our ADAS and calibration technologies and data to power other company’s services and solutions.

  • New Test Drive CoPilot™ OEM Test Drive Procedures and QA Checklists (TBD): As new ADAS systems are added to the manufacturer systems we will add them to the Test Drive CoPilot™ OEM test Drive Procedures and QA Checklists as required.

  • End-to-end integration between the ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive CoPilot™ platforms (TBD):We can’t wait to get this done! Imagine one, single solution that integrates everything from identifying ADAS systems, components and required calibrations to ADAS service and calibration scheduling, to ADAS calibration documentation, dynamic calibrations, test drives, automated invoicing/billing and more….

  • Accelerator Consulting Services: (Q2 2022): This new service will help organizations that are planning to or already operate an ADAS service and calibration business accelerate their sales, profits and operating models through improved strategies, processes and technologies. Our consulting services will include, but not be limited to;

    • ADAS service and calibration equipment reviews: We will assist organizations review and determine the best solutions for their business.

    • Business opportunity review: We will help organizations determine the business opportunity in their market.

    • Sales and marketing strategy and plan: We will help organizations create a sales and marketing strategy and plan for their ADAS service and calibration business.

    • Business Software Design, Development and Implementation: We will help organizations select, design, develop and implement software to increase sales, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and expenses and improve customer service and satisfaction.

    • ADAS service and calibration pricing matrix: We will help organizations create and implement a pricing matrix for their ADAS service and calibration business.

    • Company S.W.O.T. analysis: We will help organizations create a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis.

    • More….

As we get ready to enter 2022 we are grateful for your support and look forward to helping you and the industries we serve properly estimate, calibrate and validate ADAS equipped vehicles so the ADAS systems operate as designed before these vehicles are delivered back to the vehicle owner.

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