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What Do We Do? We help businesses and individuals ESTIMATE, CALIBRATE and VALIDATE ADAS repairs and calibrations.  

Why Do We Do It?  To ensure ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) systems on ADAS equipped vehicles operate as designed after a repair or calibration!

How Do We Do It? Our ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive CoPilot™ platforms improve efficiency, accuracy, documentation, communications, quality and safety before, during and after the repair or calibration of an ADAS equipped vehicle. 

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ADAS CoPilot™ is the easiest and fastest way to identify, inspect and appraise a vehicle’s ADAS systems!

  • Improve appraisal and repair plan accuracy

  • Reduce check-in, appraisal, repair plan time, supplements and liability

  • Improve employee and business productivity, repair cycle times and file documentation. 


Calibration CoPilot™ improves scheduling, documentation, communications, workflow, invoicing and more for any business that performs ADAS calibrations and diagnostic services

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FF_Test Drive CoPilot.png

The patent-pending Test Drive CoPilot™ platform is the automotive industry’s best way to properly perform, manage, document and validate a vehicle’s ADAS systems operate as designed after an alignment, repair or calibration. 

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